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Sharon L. Larson

Purple Clover "C"

"Purple Clover"

Turning Hounds "C"

"Turning Hounds"

London Rush Hour "C"

"London Rush Hour"

Cardinals of St. Paul "C"

"Cardinals of St. Paul"

County C Spencer WI "C"

"County C Spencer, WI"

Mr Potts House "C"

"Mr. Potts House"

Pink Horse "C"

"Pink Horse"

Blue Ribbon Bunny "C"

"Blue Ribbon Rabbit"

Ingredients "C"


Tao Horse 10x7 "C"

"Tang Horse"

Down Wind "C"

"Down Wind"

Big Country Sunset "C"

"Big Country Sunset"

Waiting Dancer "C"

"Waiting Dancer"

Fresh Picked "C"

"Fresh Picked"

Grazing "C"


Pink Roses "C"

"Pink Roses"

Winter Willows "C"

"Winter Willows"

Pretty in Pink "C"

"Pretty in Pink"

Trappy Jump "C"

"Left Behind"

Yellow Fruit copy

"Yellow Fruit"

4x6 Notecards are available for all paintings, including (SOLD).

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